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2016 Results

3/12/2016 Wyoming 5k Results
3/19/2016 Emerald Miles Results
3/19/2016 Shamrock Shuffle Results
3/26/2016 Fairfield Food Pantry 5k Run/Walk Results
4/02/2016 Clinton Memorial 5k Results
4/09/2016 Miles for Matthew Results
4/10/2016 Matt's 5k Pursuit Results
4/14/2016 Proctor and Gamble 5k Run/Walk Results
4/14/2016 Proctor and Gamble Team Results Team
4/16/2016 St. Joseph Home Results
4/17/2016 Run for the Lions Results
4/23/2016 Dogwood Dash Results
4/23/2016 MS 5k/10k Results
4/24/2016 Miami Red Brick Run Results
4/24/2016 March for Babies Results
5/07/2016 Blue Jay Jog and Jam Results
5/07/2016 Derby Dash 5K Results
5/07/2016 Making Strides 5k Results
5/07/2016 Jennie Carol 5k Results
5/14/2016 Forest Hills 5k Results
5/14/2016 Block the Sun Run Results
5/14/2016 Blue Ribbon 5K/10K Results
5/21/2016 OTR 5k Results
5/21/2016 Frog Jog Results
5/28/2016 CASA Superhero Results
5/30/2016 Freestore Foodbank Results
6/04/2016 Paige's Princess Results
6/04/2016 Price Hill Pacer Results
6/04/2016 Beast of the East Fork Results
6/05/2016 Steady Strides 5k Results
6/05/2016 Morgan's Triathlon Results
6/11/2016 Run for the Poor Results
6/11/2016 Lauren Hill 5k Spaghetti Run (Italian Fest) Results
6/11/2016 Huber Heights YMCA 5k/Half Results
6/18/2016 Amazing Race Results
6/18/2016 Lungs on the Run Results
6/19/2016 MOJO Triathlon Results
6/19/2016 Rusty 5k Results
6/24/2016 LEI 5k Results
6/25/2016 Steelathon Results
6/25/2016 Indian Mud Run Results
7/01/2016 Madeira Mile Results
7/02/2016 Firecracker 5k Results
7/04/2016 5K Run for Liberty Results
7/04/2016 Conquer the Hill Results
7/9/2016 Nick Wilson Athletic Scholarship 5k Run/Walk Results
7/9/2016 Ohio Wounded Warrior Results
7/16/2016 Bec's Bunch Results
7/16/2016 Vivian's Victory 5k Results
7/29/2016 Twilight Glow Run Results
7/30/2016 Mud Ninja Results
7/30/2016 Stomp Out Hunger 5K Results
7/30/2016 Bulldog Blast Results
8/5/2016 Run for Kids Superhero 5k Results
8/6/2016 Ross 5k Results
8/7/2016 Splash and Dash 5K Results
8/13/2016 Speedy Freeze 5K Results
8/27/2016 Delphi Diamond Dash Results
8/28/2016 Cheetah Run Results
9/4/2016 England Idlewild Bike Race Results
9/05/2016 Mercy Metric Results
9/10/2016 HAEA 5k Results
9/10/2016 Robin's Nest 5k Results
9/11/2016 Sunflower 5k Results
9/11/2016 Harvest Home 5k Results
9/15/2016 Crescent Classic Results
9/17/2016 Red Wolf Rampage Results
9/17/2016 Diploma Dash Results
9/24/2016 Honor Run 5k Blue Ash Results
9/25/2016 Sophie's Results
9/28/2016 Proctor & Gamble 5k Results
10/1/2016 Hike for Hospice Results
10/1/2016 Undy 5000 Results
10/1/2016 Warrior Run Results
10/1/2016 Flight Fest 5k/10K Results
10/2/2016 Little Miami Triathlon Results
10/02/2016 ROPC Results
10/2/2016 UC Dash-N-Bash Results
10/08/2016 Melrose YMCA 5K Results
10/08/2016 Lakota Optimist Run Results
10/8/2016 Bibs for Kids Results
10/9/2016 Liberty Center Fall 5k Results
10/15/2016 Zero Prostate 5k/10k Results
10/15/2016 Raptor Run Results
10/15/2016 Honoring Our Heroes 5K Results
10/16/2016 Paw Joggers Results
10/22/2016 Run for Good Results
10/22/2016 Alex J. Ritchie Memorial 5k Results
10/22/2016 Leadership 5k Results
10/22/2016 MudOWeen Results
10/23/2016 Walk Ahead of a Brain Tumor Cure 5k Run/Walk Results
10/27/2016 Proctor and Gamble 5K Results
10/28/2016 Proctor and Gamble 5K Results
10/29/2016 AK Steel 5K Results
10/30/2016 Wyoming Youth Race Results
11/05/2016 DAV 5k Results
11/05/2016 Pro Life Saver 5K Results
11/06/2016 Mason Half Marathon and 5k Results
11/12/2016 PF5k'16 Results
11/12/2016 Cincinnati Christian Athletic Boosters Run/Walk Results
11/13/2016 Honor Run Half Marathon/Relay/5k Run/Walk Results
11/19/2016 Freeset USA & JVI Run For Freedom 5K Results
11/19/2016 Holiday in Lights Results
11/24/2016 TD10K Results
12/03/2016 Santa's 5k Fun Run Results
12/10/2016 Jingle Bell Run Cincinnati, Ohio Results
12/10/2016 Reindeer Romp Results

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